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When people are injured, the last thing they should be doing is fighting with an insurance company or the government over who gets what, when and how. Hansen Dirani & Associates PLLC wants to help you.

About Us

Based in Tulsa, OK, our law practice has a long history of helping injured parties recover. We understand that with each injury comes a story and without the right legal guidance and assistance, some stories do not end happily. Whether it be applying our years of experience to ensure that you are treated fairly by an insurance company, assisting in making sure you receive the workers’ compensation you deserve for your injuries, or even fighting the government for benefits you may desperately need yet they make so hard to obtain. We want to help.

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Let Us Fight For You

With our team, resources and know-how on your side, you have nothing to lose. We don’t get paid unless we’re able to recover for you. Our staff members are standing by to speak with you and we’ll do everything we can, including in home visits to get started, to make this process as painless as possible. Don’t hesitate. Call today or send us your story online, our staff will review your submission and respond within 24 hours.